Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is definitely one of the places that you certainly should visit when you travel Asia.

Thailand has a number of beautiful beaches and with beautiful Thai girls beside, you can really have an awesome time in the country.

People with different tastes will find a similar attraction to the country.

The country has historical places that many would be interested to explore as well as modern big shopping malls that youngsters would like to hunt down.

If you have an interest to visit world’s amazing places, you need to take a sneak into the world’s largest crocodile park that is situated in Thailand. Also Thailand is a must see place for nature lovers.

This is one country to which you should not travel without a camera.

There are hundreds of sites to click and you will enjoy the place and its beauty to the core.

The country being full of exotic beaches, you have a room for lot of sport activities here apart from the usual boating.

You should also make a point as not to miss the great elephant show as this is the country known for the large white elephants.

If you want to mingle with the Thai culture and capture an essence of it, it is a great idea to travel to the north.

There, people’s lifestyle blend with the nature and you can end up buying handicrafts that are very appealing.

The list of specialties in Thailand goes incomplete without the mention of Thai bride.

They are the most ideal girls in Asia for marrying. Especially girls who are from the interiors of Thailand are poor and they are after men who are financially stable enough for a good living.

After marriage, Thai women are very dedicated to their husbands.

Well, not to forget the independent Thai women from Bangkok and other major cities.

These are educated bunch and you are sure to find them dating men online.

So finding Thai girls to have fun with in the striking places of the country is no big deal.

Most of these women can be approached via online dating sites and being in developed cities; they are social and great as dating partners.

Just be careful to watch out for certain rules when dealing with Thai women.

Many Thai girls are conservative and hence kissing and hugging in public is a strict no-no!

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