Thai Food Challenge Day 01

This is day one for my 30 day challenge to eat street food for every meal. I started today with pathongko together with nam tao hoo (ปาท่องโก๋ น้ำเต้าหู้). This is sometimes translated as Chinese Doughnuts though it is shaped like an "X". The drink that comes with this deep fried dough is sweetened soy milk. This set cost me only 10 baht. This is not really a traditional Thai brekafast but as it is often sold early in the morning then many people eat it at this time. I bought it at a stall near my house and they usually sell out by 9 a.m.

For lunch I had one of my favourite street food. It is khao mun gai tod (ข้าวมันไก่ทอด) which is fried chicken on rice that has been boiled in chicken stock. It also comes with some soup. An alternative is to have boiled chicken which I will have another day. Normal price for this is 25 baht but I ordered "piset" which was 30 baht.

I bought my evening meal at the monthly Paknam Food Festival in Samut Prakan. It is called krapho pla (กระเพาะปลา) which is a thick soup that has fish stomach, boiled duck blood in cubes, bamboo shoots, chicken and quail eggs! It cost 30 baht. I don't normally eat this dish but I thought I shouldn't just stick to all my favourites in the first week!

I decided to finish the day off with a dessert called sangkaya fakthong (สังขยาฟักทอง). This is a pumpkin custard which cost only 25 Baht. It is good but it was very filling! So, I managed to survive my first full day of Thai street food. Today I spent 95 baht on food which is about US$3.70.


Learning Thai Language - Part 1

สนุก - sa nook - [is] fun; enjoyable; entertaining; amusing; pleasant

ครับ - khrap - [word added by a male speaker to the end of every sentence to convey politeness] "yes"; "that's right"; "I see."

ค่ะ - kha - [word added by a female speaker to the end of every statement to convey politeness]

ไหม - mai - [word added at the end of a statement to indicate a question]

หรือ - reuu - Really?

สวัสดี - sa wat dee - Hello; Goodbye; Good morning; Good evening

สบายดีหรือ - sa baai dee reuu - How are you?

ยินดีที่ได้รู้จัก - yin dee thee dai ruu jak - Nice to meet you.

แล้วพบกันใหม่ - laaeo phohp gan mai - See you later.


한국인 전용 프잉타이 블로그 오픈

한국인을 위해 한국어로 설명이 된 프잉타이 한국어 전용 블로그를 오픈했습니다.

2011년 1월 5일자로 오픈했으며 약 10일 뒤에는 많은 정보를 보실 수 있게끔 최선을 다해 준비해 놓겠습니다.

아름다운 태국여성이나 아시아 여성과의 멋진 만남을 원하시는 남성분들...

외국 남성과의 색다른 데이트를 꿈꾸시는 여성분들의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.

월정액 일절 없이 100% 순수한 무료 데이트 사이트입니다.

성인 관련에 대한 모든 것은 기재할 수 없으며 관리자 임의대로 삭제합니다.

그 외의 모든것은 정말 편안하게 모든것은 무료로 즐기며 편안한 데이트를 시작하시면 됩니다.


프잉타이 한국어 블로그 바로가기

[태그] 무료데이트,무료대화,무료채팅,대화방,만남


Tourists' Favourite Top 10 Thai dishes

Tom Yum Goong : A spicy shrimp soup made with coconut milk, lemongrass, lime leaves, galangal and shallots.

Kaeng Kheaw Wan Gai : Green chicken curry made from green curry paste and coconut milk.

Pad Thai : Noodles fried with tofu, spring onions, bean sprouts and ground peanuts.

Pad Krapao : Chicken, pork or prawns stir-fried with basil.

Kaeng Phed Ped Yang : Roasted duck in spicy curry sauce.

Tom Kha Gai : Chicken in coconut soup with galangal and lemongrass.

Khao Pad : Boiled rice fried with meat, egg, onion, spring onion, coriander, garlic and tomatoes.

Moo/Gai Satae : Barbecued pork/chicken served with peanut sauce.

Gai Pad Med Mamuang : Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts.

Yum : A tangy and spicy salad made with pork, beef, chicken or fresh seafood.

Link : http://www.thosewords.com/Thai-Food(1881629).htm

Guide to Thai food

Thailand is definitely an "Eat the local food" destination. Some tourists think the best part of their trip to Thailand might be the food. If you are only familiar with Thai food in western countries, you are in for a delightful surprise.

Rice porridge (Joke)
Thai food varies from barbeque to stir fried to spicy soups to "salads" that can melt your teeth. And each region has its own variations. Rice porridge (Joke), makes a great hot breakfast and a bowl of noodles (Guai Tiew) along the sidewalk is a great late night snack.

Morning market.Thai food is one of the world's greatest cuisines, so freshness and variety is always standard. The early morning markets are a perfect way to start the day, with such a vast array of fresh produce on offer. Meats most common in Thai food are chicken, pork and beef, as well as fresh and salt-water fish, including prawn and other shellfish.

Just because it is Thai, it doesn't mean that it's spicy. Flavourful does not necessarily mean heat either. Learning to say "mai ow ped" (I don't want it spicy) or "ped, nid noi" (just a small amount of spiciness) will allow you to find you level of culinary comfort. And even if you get more chillies than you bargained for, the burn doesn't last too long (it's really strange that even when it's really spicy and we burn ourselves, we go back for more!). Thai chillies in fish sauce are often served on the side, you just add a little to your taste.

Rice (Khao) is the staple diet of Thai people, and Thai Jasmine rice is one of the most famous rice in the world, well-known by its fragrance, it's served with virtually all meals.

"Som Tam" (Spicy papaya salad)Sticky or glutinous rice (Khao Neow) is often served with barbequed foods such as chicken, pork, sausage and even the nationally loved "Som Tam" (Spicy papaya salad).

Noodles : Vermicelli, rice or egg noodles are normally stir-fried or cooked in a soup and sometimes added to salads.
Pad Thai, it is time to explore the never-ending possibilities of Thai cuisine.

When asked what they like most about Thailand, visitors often answer 'the food'. The creation of Thai food is a masterful mix of salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter. The spice factor, often too much for most westerners, is used for medicinal purposes, combined with the use of market fresh vegetables and local herbs for bursting flavours and the prevention of common ailments. Thai food is both delicious and very nutritious, it is usually low in fat and high in fibre.
But it is not only the unique and pleasantly pungent tastes that visitors love, the cost of eating in Thailand is as satisfying as the pleasure experienced by the palate. One of Thailand's major industries is agriculture. Grains, meats, vegetables and most importantly rice are all locally produced at minimal cost. The country also has rich waters filled with fresh and sea water creatures, which are shipped across the land, making seafood and fish dishes some of the most popular choices. Add to this the natural innovation and long standing techniques used by Thais in food preparation and there are few who visit who cannot be satisfied.

Passing through different regions of Thailand, you may notice that the dialect and sound of the language changes abruptly. When you think you have learned how to say Sawaddee Ka in exactly the right tone, you move to another place and find that they have a completely different method of utterance. The same goes for the food. There are four main regions offering cuisine adventurers a unique experience.

Food in the northeast is influenced by neighbouring Laos. Dishes are highly seasoned and among the most popular specialities are Larb, a spicy, seasoned salad made with pork or chicken; Somtam, spicy papaya salad, and Gai Yang, barbequed chicken. All are served with glutinous rice, a northern favourite widely known as sticky rice, or Khao Neow.

Burmese influences have bearings on the dishes of the Central Northern regions. Northern cooks generally are less heavy handed with the chilli and the use of ginger, tamarind and turmeric is common. Khao Soi, a curry with egg noodles and pickled cabbage, is only found in the North and should be number one on any visitor's list of dishes to try. Tourists to the North should not miss the opportunity to dine at a traditional Khantoke dinner, combining the best of Northern specialities and traditional performances in a reconstructed wooden palace.
Throughout the Central plains of Thailand, the food combines mixes from all regions, and many Chinese-Thai fusions are common characteristics. The South is the place to get down to spicy treats. Chilli-filled soups and curries are common dishes and fresh seafood is abundant. Influences are also found in dishes taken from Indonesia, such as chicken kebabs with peanut sauce (Gai Satae), an international favourite, and rich curries such as Kaeng Masaman from Malaysia.
Eating in Thailand is very much a family affair. It is often thought of as odd to see someone eating alone and most Thais will wait to the point of starvation until they find a dining partner. A typical meal will include a soup, fried fish, spicy salad known as Yum, a curry dish and a dip with vegetables. Each member of the party will be served a bowl of rice and can take a bite from the main dishes in the centre of the table. Meals are eaten with a spoon and fork, while chopsticks are generally only used for noodle soups or Chinese food.

Thai 'fast food' is known as such, not because of its enticing greasiness or fat content as with the Western equivalent, but instead as a range of dishes that can be cooked up in a matter of minutes. These dishes such as Pad Thai, or fried noodles, Khao Pad, or fried rice, or Pad Krapao, or fried basil with pork or chicken, are commonly ordered as a quick lunch, breakfast or evening meal, and often served with a fried egg plonked on top.

There are few countries that can offer such a range of fruits like Thailand. Its tropical climate and heavy rains in monsoon season mean that fruit is everywhere. The diversity of delicious fruity sweetness to be found is so vast and the cost so little, some health conscientious rebels decide to diet solely on fruit as an internal body cleansing exercise. From the vibrant pinks of the dragon fruit to the prickly looking shells of the rambutan, photo opportunities are an added bonus to the already particular delight of fruit shopping in Thailand.

Thai desserts, in general, use five base ingredients: coconut cream, coconut flesh, rice flour, palm sugar and eggs. Among the favourites are Tong Yip, a sweet egg yolk cup; Foi Tong, shredded, sweetened egg yolk, and Ta Ko, a jelly served with creamy coconut.

Those interested in more than just sampling the food fare on offer while travelling in Thailand will be pleased to know that in any mildly touristy area you are sure to find a local cooking school. Courses include trips to local markets, ingredient preparation, cooking and best of all, an eating party after all the hard work.

One thing to always remember is that all Thai food is delicious and meant to thoroughly enjoy.

Tourist restaurants will often serve up a spineless, tasteless version of what should be a full flavour feast, and without anyone to tell you the food is less than genuine; a visitor's introduction to Thai food is often tainted by these 'farang-ised' Thai dishes. Once you have had enough of yet another overly sweet, messy slop of


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Free Dating Site "PuyingThai": http://puyingthai69.blogspot.com/2011/01/happy-new...:

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Dear All Members.Happy New Year 2011.
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glückliches neues Jahr
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nouvelle année heureuse
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Learning Thai Manners 4

This is the final part of the Thai Manner demonstration at Sriwittayapaknam School. In the previous blogs, I told how this family went to visit their grandmother. After prostrating on the floor, the grandmother then invites the two adults to sit on the chairs next to her. Notice that the two children are sitting on the floor. This is quite a common setup in Thailand. You must always remember the level of your head. As a teacher, it is not advisable for us to sit on the floor in the classroom. You can, if you like of course, but it would make it awkward for the children to walk past you. Even other teachers would try and stoop down as low as they can to walk past you. They are doing this to show respect to your status or age
In this second photo, the daughter gives her grandmother a basket of fruit. As her grandmother is seated, she cannot just walk to her. She must go on her knees. Then she presents the basket with both hands. Later, her cousin brings some drinks for everyone. As she is younger than the adults, she too walks on her knees. She first serves the adults, starting with the grandmother. The adults smile and nod in acknowledgement. However, as the daughter is younger than her cousin, she first gives a “wai” before taking the drink.

Now it is time for them to go home. This time they do the “seated wai”. Much like the others I described before. Hands are brought up to chest level and the head bows down towards them. Notice the grandmother is just doing the “receiving wai”. This is the proper way for her to show respect back to the younger people. However, I have sometimes seen a few people who are so full of their self-importance that they only acknowledged an adult’s wai with a nod. In my books this is bad manners. If an adult wais you, then you must wai them back. The only people who don’t wai you back is the king and monks. And the monks won’t wai the king back. That is how important religion is in Thailand.

The family now leave. The grandmother is still seated so notice how they need to dip their head as they walk away. As an adult, you don’t need to lower your head literally lower than the senior person in the room. You just need to make that effort. Tall foreigners will be glad to hear that. One final thing I forgot to point out earlier. Many of you probably know this anyway. When you enter homes in Thailand you must first take off your shoes!

Link : http://www.thaicultureblogs.com/index.php/learning-thai-manners-part-4/

Learning Thai Manners 3

This is continuing with the story of the parents that took their daughter to visit her grandmother. Arriving at the front door, they are greeted by their niece. As she is a lot younger than them, notice how much more respect she is showing to the two adults. For them, all they have to do is a “receiving wai” as their niece is still a child.

The mother then turns to her daughter and tells her to say “hello” to her cousin. As they are not of similar age, the younger cousin has to pay more respect. Notice that the niece, who is probably about 3 or 4 years older, is just doing the receiving wai. However, the daughter, being the youngest, has to do a full and deep wai. If the two children were of the same age then they would only need to do the standard straight wai without the courtesy.

Now they are shown into the presence of the grandmother. She is probably the eldest of the family and so therefore the matriarch. Everyone has to pay her the greatest of respect.  Notice how they are all approaching the grandmother. They are doing this on their knees because she is seated. It is important that their head is not higher than that of the grandmother. Notice also how the niece is sitting respectfully off to one side.

Now they entire family are doing the respectful “seated wai”. You saw some close-ups of something like this the other day. See how they are not actually kneeling but sitting on the left leg. They then bow down to the floor with both the hands and elbows touching the surface. This is, of course, very different to how Thai people pay respect to a Buddha image. I showed you those pictures the other day. With a Buddha image they would kneel and then prostrate to the ground with their hands flat on the surface in front of them.

Link : http://www.thaicultureblogs.com/index.php/learning-thai-manners-part-3/

Learning Thai Manners 2

Today I am going to continue with some examples of good Thai manners which I see a lot in every-day situations. The pictures today illustrate how to behave at home and when visiting relations and friends. In the above picture, a daughter is talking to her parents. Notice, that as her parents are seated, it is proper protocol for her then to kneel on the floor while talking to them. The head, in Thailand, is considered sacred and you have to be aware at all times which level it is in relation to people your senior. You saw in my previous blog how the students would dip their head as they walked past an adult or teacher. It doesn’t matter if you are walking in front of them or behind. You still need to make an effort. As a tall foreigner, it isn’t always possible to dip your head lower, but you need to at least make the effort to lower your head.

In these second set of photos, the family have gone out to visit the grandmother. On the way they bump into an adult friend of the mother. Notice how the adults wai each other. In this situation, between peers, you bring your hands up to chest level and bow your head down to meet them. The woman doesn’t have to courtesy which you saw in earlier pictures. This is a proper wai. However, in daily life, many people do what I call a “lazy wai”. They bring their thumbs up to about nose level and do not bow. Just don’t forget, whenever you “wai”, always do it in a graceful manner. Never make any quick jerky movements.

After the adults have greeted each other, the mother turns to the daughter to introduce her adult friend. This time the age difference is more important. The daughter has to pay more respect to the person older than herself. Notice how she does a deep bow and a courtesy at the same time. You cannot see in this photo but the adult is doing a “receiving wai”. He does this by bringing his hands up to chest level like before but this time he doesn’t bow. It is quite important for you to realize that you should never “wai” a child first. At school, when the students “wai” the teachers, we usually just smile and nod back as acknowledgment. The students in our school are all quite young. However, if one of my ex-students comes to visit me, then I give them a “receiving wai”. Though usually I will raise the hands a little higher to about nose level in order to show them a bit more respect.

Link : http://www.thaicultureblogs.com/index.php/learning-thai-manners-part-2/

Learning Thai Manners 1

These pictures were taken at Sriwittayapaknam School in Samut Prakan. The students were taking part in a competition for Thai Manners. In this first set of pictures, the students are demonstrating the proper way to show repsect to a Buddha image. This is done in three stages.
In the top picture, the students first kneel down in front of the Buddha image and bring their hands up to chest level. They then bow down bringing their head towards their hands. They pause here for a second. Next they go all the way down placing their hands flat on the surface. This is then repeated three times.
In this second group of photos, the students are demonstrating how to receive a gift from an adult. First they sit on the floor with their left leg tucked under the right one. They then prostrate down to the floor with their hands together in a prayer-like gesture. Notice the position of their elbows on the ground.
This is then held for a few seconds before the hands are clasped together like in a handshake. Next they sit back up straight with their hands on their laps.

To receive the gift, the left hand stays on the thigh and the right hands reaches forward to receive the gift. Like any movement, this has to be done gracefully. They reach out to hold the gift, pause, then bring it back. They don’t just grab it. This gift is then put down on the right-hand side. The students then prostrated to the floor again as in the above photos.

Link : http://www.thaicultureblogs.com/index.php/learning-thai-manners-part-1/

PuyingThai All Members~~ Happy New Year 2011

Dear, PuyingThai All Members

May all the joys of this Holiday Season 
be yours throughout the New Year.

One of the greatest joys of this season
is the opportunity to say THANK YOU and to wish 
you the very best for the New Year.

Wishing you a holiday filled with peace & love... and a New Year rich with blessings.

Warmest regards, 
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Thai Dating - Free Dating,Free Chat,Online Dating - Date With Beautiful Thailand And Asian Women

Tips for Safe Thailand Online Dating

It's always important to keep your guard up when communicating with someone online. In the initial stages of dating, you are still getting to know someone you know little about. By creating a safe environment to know the person, you’re creating a better situation for you.

1. Use a reputable Thailand online-dating site in Bangkok, Thailand

Make sure it has a good privacy policy. If there isn't one listed at the site, go elsewhere. An example of a site offering a reputable dating service is our website.

2. Don’t be overhasty

Take your time to know the person over the Internet and let the relationship develop before you meet them in person. Ask a lot of questions. This will help you find out if you're compatible. Keep the old e-mail to compare the information they give you and watch for inconsistencies.

3. Always be on your guard

Don't believe everything you read online. When communicating online people can pretend to be whatever and whomever they like.

4. Ask for a second opinion

Ask a friend to read over the e-mail you receive. An unbiased observer can spot warning signs that you have missed.

5. Don't assume that a man is safe

Just because he claims to be religious.

6. Don't give out personal information online

This is information that would allow someone to find you offline, i.e. your full name, where you work, where you live, your phone or fax number. Use an anonymous e-mail address through services like Hotmail.com or Yahoo.com. When setting up the account, be sure not to include any of your personal information.

7. Start with a phone call

Don't give out your home number until you're comfortable. And when you are ready give him your cell phone number instead of your home phone number. The reason why is because someone armed with your home phone number can easily find out what your home address is.

8. Meet in a public place

If possible, double date or go out with a group of people. This would be a safe way to start. Start with coffee or lunch. Avoid secluded areas such as parks.

9. Always let someone else know where you're going

Make sure a friend knows whom you are meeting, where you're going and when you're coming back. You might even consider arranging a time to call and check in. Or you could arrange to meet up with friends later that night. Keep all the e-mail and let your friend know where to find them if anything goes wrong.

10. Take a cellular phone with you

11. Use your own mode of transportation

And leave with a full tank. Don’t let them pick you up from your home nor escort you home.

12. Never leave public areas or go home with your date

Stay in public until you know the person better.

13. Be careful when drinking

Remember that alcohol affects your judgment and lessens your inhibitions. If you are drinking, keep your drink in sight at all times and don’t get so drunk that you don’t know what you are doing.

14. Trust your intuition

If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. And if you haven’t met him before, and you know at the beginning of the date that something doesn’t feel right, then leave immediately.

15. Report any attacks or threats

be embarrassed to report problems to the police. Remember, if you don't report them, the same thing could happen to someone else. Also, report any problems to the online dating service you have used.

Link : http://thailandwomen.org/tips-for-thai-safe-online-dating.htm

First Date Do's and Do Not's when dating Thailand women.

Here are some tips to avoid the most common mistakes that are made and to make a good impression with your Thailand date in Bangkok, Thailand.

Do this:

  1. Be on time with your Thailand date.
    Being late will either make a bad impression or even worse, your date might not hang around for you to turn up.
  2. Look Good in Bangkok.
    For men - Check whether fingernails are clean, hair neat, clothes ironed, shoes polished, and any odors under control (including breath).

    For Thailand women - Don't overdo the make-up or perfume! In most cases, a little goes a long way.
  3. Choose the right place for your date in Thailand.
    Don't go to the movies, the theatre, or a concert on your first date - you want to be able to talk and get to know this person. Also, you will make a longer lasting impression if you are imaginative and take your Thailand date somewhere unique. If you take a person to a fast food place you will not score good points for ingenuity.
  4. Laugh at their jokes.
    Even if you have heard the joke 100 times or more (or it just isn't funny at all), laugh. Laughing along with your Thailand date will make your date feel you are interested in him/her.
  5. Keep the conversation alive.
    The worse thing you can do is turn up for a date with someone then sit there all night with nothing to say or ask! Have something to talk about - read a newspaper or magazine of general interest. Try to find common things you both share.
  6. Take an interest in your Thailand date.
    Listen to your date when he/she is talking. Be interested in what your date has to say and show how interested you are by asking questions about what your date is talking about. Try turning your date'swords or phrases into a question, such as "You grew up in Idaho? What was that like?".
  7. Highlight mutual interests.
    Discovering that someone you're attracted to likes the same things you do can be exciting. You have an instant common bond, a little bit of emotionally validating Velcro, that may help a relationship "stick." So when you learn about your shared interests, speak up instead of just keeping them to yourself.
  8. Be confident with your Thailand lady.
    Remind yourself that you're not nervous, you’re just excited. Calm confidence is very appealing!
  9. Be yourself.
    You won’t fool anyone by pretending to be someone you are not.
  10. Have fun!
    After all, that’s the idea of the first date.

Do NOT do this:

  1. Be late with your future Thailand bride.
    There is a saying that "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression". If you are late then this will make your date think of you as lazy, having lack of initiative, or not putting an importance on the evening.
  2. Talk about yourself all night.
    Never talk too much, let the other person say some words.
  3. Talk with your mouth full.
  4. Eat with your mouth open.
  5. Order for your date.
  6. Ask too many personal questions
    This is your first date and your date may not want to reveal too much about himself/herself just yet.
  7. Pretend to be someone you are not.
    It's important to be yourself as you don't want other people to settle for anything different. Tell it like it is. For instance, if you are shy, an obvious strategy is to say, "Okay, I confess. I'm shy, " to help your date better understand your reactions and relieve your stress level. The typical response is often "So am I" or "You don't seem shy".
  8. Talk about past relationships with other Thailand ladies.
    Don’t ever bring up your past relationships in the conversation. Nobody wants to hear you grumble about your ex and how bad or good he/she were.
  9. Get drunk
    Be careful with drinking since you don’t want to put yourself at risk of unwanted advances and moreover you don’t want to make a total fool of yourself. Remember that alcohol affects your judgment and lessens your inhibitions.

Link : http://thailandwomen.org/first-date-dos-and-do-nots.htm

Ten Important Dating Tips for Men seeking Thailand Lady

Thailand Dates can offer a range of emotions from thrilling to terrifying. With that in mind, it is vital to be fully prepared to make a great impression on each date you go on. Here are 10 tips for men that will help things go smoothly:

1. Have a Bath and Shave

One of the worst things you could do when going out on a Thailand date (especially if it is your first date) is to turn up unshaven, looking dirty and smelling. Thailand Women will partly judge you on how hygienic you are. After all, you would be appalled if she turned up for the date looking like a mutt dog with tangled fur that hadn't bathed for days.
Do a "personal check" before the date - are your fingernails clean, hair neat, clothes ironed, shoes polished, and any odors under control (including breath)? Women look at these things and are aware if they aren't in check. You should be too!
It doesn’t cost anything to take a bath and to make an effort to look and smell nice. Remember, bad breath and body odor are an instant turn off and she will assume that this is how you are all the time even if you are just having a bad day. As a result, she won’t be able to see beyond your appearance.

2. Be on Time for your Thailand girlfriend.

Whatever you do, don’t turn up late. Turning up late will send out all the wrong impressions. At first she may think she's been stood up, but after arriving late her opinion will change to you being unreliable or not caring enough about her to be on time. If you are picking her up from her home then it is advisable to turn up five minutes before you are due. Any earlier and you might catch her adjusting her makeup or still getting ready. Five minutes early is the earliest you should arrive. But never be late.

3. Give Her a Thoughtful Gift

A Thailand woman feels special when the man she is with gives her a thoughtful gift. What is a thoughtful gift? Well, you obvious know some things about a woman before a first date that came from phone conversations, emails, etc. Take what you know and buy her an appropriate date gift. For example, let's say that the Thailand woman really likes golf. There are companies that make chocolate golf sets - a miniature chocolate club with a chocolate tee and chocolate golf ball. This would make a great first date gift. For a generic thoughtful gift, buy a chocolate rose. That's always appropriate without being overboard.

4. Be a Gentleman

Hold the door open for her, let her walk through the doors first, pull her chair, and be polite to her along with the people around you. Women like to feel special and by treating her like a lady she will think you are fantastic.

5. Compliment Her

The first thing to say to her is "you look beautiful" before you even ask how she is. Keep up the compliments throughout your Thailand date, but do not go over board (3-4 for the night should be more than enough). A woman loves to be complimented, to feel beautiful and to think that you are attracted to her. The more sincere and observant your compliment, the bigger impact it will have. But remember again not to go overboard. More than four compliments may make you appear fake and not real.

6. Listen to Her and Ask Questions

Nobody wants to spend the whole night listening to someone talk about themselves. But you do have to get to know each other. Ask her questions, but more importantly listen to what she has to say. A woman is attracted to a man who is genuinely interested in hearing what she has to say. Spend a lot more time asking her questions and letting her talk than talking yourself.

7. Prepare for the Conversation with your Thailand bride.

The last thing you want is to be sitting at a meal with nothing to talk about. Think about your date and what you would like to know about her. You may think that it is easy to talk and that you will not run out of questions to ask or that you will automatically have the answers but until you are in the situation, you have no idea what it will be like. Avoid talking about past relationships or other women while on the date. Keep your focus, attention, and conversation fully on her.

8. Pay for the Date with your Thailand girl.

It's virtually always appropriate for a gentleman to offer to pay for the date. When a man takes it upon himself to pay for the date, he is displaying that old act of "chivalry" that is missing from many men these days. However, some women feel more comfortable going "dutch" and if she insists on this, then don't resist. To avoid awkwardness, make sure you let her know before the date that you plan on paying for it.

9. The Goodnight Kiss with Thailand ladies.

Some women prefer not to kiss after a first date, while others may be disappointed if the guy doesn't even try. There is no easy answer to this question. Body language and chemistry throughout the night is key in the decision you make. If it feels right, then you may want to consider making the move. If it doesn't feel right then a friendly hug may be more appropriate.

10. I'll Call You

Only tell her that you will call her if you mean it and intend on seeing her again. Do not, under any circumstances, tell her you will call her if you are not interested and have no plans to call her. In this case, when saying goodbye, just say, "It was nice meeting you" and wish her luck. Or you could just say good night, smile and walk away. But if you do like her and are interested, then you must let your Thailand date know.

Link : http://thailandwomen.org/dating-tips-for-men.htm

Very Important Safety Information!!!

While internet dating is an excellent way to meet other singles, unfortunately the internet also offers new opportunities for criminals and dishonest individuals to extort money from unsuspecting individuals. In order to avoid any problems, it is better to be overly cautious. Here are some tips and suggestions to keep in mind:
  • NEVER send cash to someone you have met online, but have not yet met in person.
  • Be suspicious of people who appear to be overtly persistent or aggressive in their requests for money.
  • Common examples of scams include requests for large sums of money to make payments towards plane tickets, legal fees, visa and immigration charges, medical expenses, marriage annulment fees etc.
  • If you feel you must assist someone to purchase a plane ticket, then always buy the ticket yourself on behalf of the visitor and make sure the ticket can be refunded in case you need to cancel it.
  • If you must make any other payments, do so directly with the organization, only after you have verified the invoice is genuine.
  • Some people in developing countries often request smaller amounts of money to pay for expenses such as internet access or phone costs to communicate with you. We recommend not sending any money to someone you haven't met in person, under any circumstances.
  • If you do send money to someone, be suspicious of someone who requests more money as soon as they receive the initial amount.
Please note that we have an online form for members to report any suspicious activities, including requests for money from other members. To access this form, please log on to our site, find the profile of the suspect member and click on the 'Report Abuse' (Click) link on their profile. We investigate all reports and take appropriate action based on our investigation.
We hope that the above information will help you identify and avoid scammers so you can correspond effectively and safely with other singles on our site.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

Thank You

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Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is definitely one of the places that you certainly should visit when you travel Asia.

Thailand has a number of beautiful beaches and with beautiful Thai girls beside, you can really have an awesome time in the country.

People with different tastes will find a similar attraction to the country.

The country has historical places that many would be interested to explore as well as modern big shopping malls that youngsters would like to hunt down.

If you have an interest to visit world’s amazing places, you need to take a sneak into the world’s largest crocodile park that is situated in Thailand. Also Thailand is a must see place for nature lovers.

This is one country to which you should not travel without a camera.

There are hundreds of sites to click and you will enjoy the place and its beauty to the core.

The country being full of exotic beaches, you have a room for lot of sport activities here apart from the usual boating.

You should also make a point as not to miss the great elephant show as this is the country known for the large white elephants.

If you want to mingle with the Thai culture and capture an essence of it, it is a great idea to travel to the north.

There, people’s lifestyle blend with the nature and you can end up buying handicrafts that are very appealing.

The list of specialties in Thailand goes incomplete without the mention of Thai bride.

They are the most ideal girls in Asia for marrying. Especially girls who are from the interiors of Thailand are poor and they are after men who are financially stable enough for a good living.

After marriage, Thai women are very dedicated to their husbands.

Well, not to forget the independent Thai women from Bangkok and other major cities.

These are educated bunch and you are sure to find them dating men online.

So finding Thai girls to have fun with in the striking places of the country is no big deal.

Most of these women can be approached via online dating sites and being in developed cities; they are social and great as dating partners.

Just be careful to watch out for certain rules when dealing with Thai women.

Many Thai girls are conservative and hence kissing and hugging in public is a strict no-no!

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Thailand can be an ideal holiday destination for those who want to relax in the sandy beaches and quench their shopping spree.

Having quite a number of towns and a number of islands, Thailand is one Asian country which has many tourist attraction spots for both family visits and tour with friends.

Thailand has places for all and you can plan well in advances the places you would like to visit. November to April is the time tourists usually throng this “land of smiles” and remember Thai flights will be very expensive during the Christmas-new year holidays .i.e. during mid-December to early January.

If you choose to travel during the other months of the year, you may save money but make sure you do not end up at the place during the rainy or the dry seasons.

One of the must watch places in Thailand is the Phuket island.

This is the largest island in the country and has some of the beautiful beaches.

You can take your family out there and go about snorkeling in the calm beaches.

There is also a theme park Phuket Fantasea by name and you can take a whole day out there and enjoy the adventurous rides.

Do not miss the beautiful sunset at Promthep in Phuket. Remember the above are places for those on a long trip.

If you have only a short period, you can choose to pay a visit to the Koh Chang, the second largest island.

For nature lovers, Thailand has a number of destinations. Rose of Thailand, Chiang Mai is the best where you can see waterfalls, go for elephant rides, take time out for bird watching and visit the handicraft village.

Tourists can also have a great time shopping in the cities. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand has a number of shopping bazaars and if you are a bargain shopper, you would love Chatucat where you can find a number of interesting deals. Asian women are generally beautiful and the Thai girls are known for their oriental beauty.

You can lot of girls thronging the streets of Bangkok in the evenings.

Phi Phi island, kabri are places that are too costly to miss. Unless you want to chill out in the beaches, Bangkok and Chang Mai will make excellent places for you.

Both of these cities have a lot of temples and the latter especially has temples that were built very long ago.

If you travel to explore the culture of different countries, Bangkok is the place that perfectly reflects the Thai culture.

Plan for a long haul, Thailand attractions will make a perfect holiday for you!!

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